Farm Work (2013)

I spent a season doing farm work on a small orchard and vegetable farm in Southeastern Pennsylvania. These images serve as a document of a time in my life where I felt wholly connected to community I was, the work I was doing, and the place I was living in.


State Game Lands (2012)

Pennsylvania State Game Lands Number 234 is public hunting land but I know it very well, as I walked its paths 3 or 4 times a week over the course of two years. It is a place of quiet contrasts and subtle change, a natural space maintained with the assistance of the Pennsylvania StateGame Commission.


 Commonwealth (2011)

Commonwealth is a photographic survey of central and southeastern Pennsylvania. I see place defined in its details; the valley I was raised in and the areas that I have lived serve as my subject matter.


Coal Hunkie (2007)

Coal Hunkie examines the remnants of a social landscape that outwardly suffers from little economic support from its industrial past. This body of work quietly investigates what it means to stay despite of the ruin, why hold onto such a deep pride in the small towns and that history, and to be of the Anthracite Coal Region.